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WVPF Baby Crawl - The Diaper Derby

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1st Annual WVPF Baby Crawl located at the Mineral County Fairgrounds, in Ft. Ashby, Wv.

The age of all babies must be between 6 months and and 1 year old.

The first baby to crawl over the finish line wins! Parents can use stuffed animals and toys to entice their babies. The races are scheduled with five babies in each on the racing mat. The winner from each race will meet in the championship crawl-off. All participants will receive a prize. The Diaper Derby will take place at 3:30 and then those winners will enter the Championship Race.

Rules for the Baby Crawl - 2024 Diaper Derby

  1. Babies must be 6-12 months old, CRAWLERS only
  2. Two escorts to accompany baby to the matted track
  3. Parent/Guardians may use objects/props (toys , keys etc.) to encourage babies along the course
  4. No food due to allergies
  5. Race Course will extend approximately 10 yards ending at the finish line of the matted track
  6. Parents/guardian may not go beyond the finish line (unless the next rule applies)
  7. If at any point race participants become uncomfortable with the situation (crying, refusal to move, etc.), parents/guardians may remove their baby from the race.
  8. All participants will receive a swag bag. The Champion will receive a Trophy.
  9. Baby must cross finish line to complete the race.

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