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The West Virginia Peach Festival is a West Virginia registered nonprofit 501(C)(3). We are made up of a committee with elected from within officials. Our committee is constantly planning for the next upcoming Peach Festival. Not only do we have our annual festival, but our committee also loves to stay involved and active in our amazing community. We are in the beginning stages of revamping our website. Keep checking back for more information. The West Virginia Peach Festival is a family-friendly event. Being that we are a family-friendly event it is policy as of 2023 that we will no longer permit any vendor booth for any political promotions, political party, or anything that is deemed to create division or force/push other views to the public. Foul language and inappropriate behavior, will not be permitted The West Virginia Peach Festival reserves the right to request a vendor or attendee to leave the premises without explanation.


We are so thankful for our West Virginia Peach Festival Committee members who volunteer so much time into making our festival better each and every year. Without these amazing volunteers there is no way our festival would be as great as it is. Stop back in later and we will hopefully get some photos of our committee members. 

Meet The Team

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